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belt pressure filter

Scope of application:Urban sewage treatment, printing and dyeing textile industry, leather industry, environmental protection engineering, etc. Product characteristics:Low energy consumption, durability, low noise

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Product Advantage

Analysis of belt filter press

Belt filter press is more common is "concentrated integrated belt filter press", its working principle is to separate the concentrated sludge from its moisture, and truly achieve "solid-liquid separation". The greater function of the integrated belt filter press is to improve the solid content of sludge in the use of products, so that sludge has the value of recycling. The purpose of this is not only to protect the environment, but also to turn waste into treasure.


Concentration integrated belt filter press:

1. Large amount of disposable sludge: With the breakthrough of blue-source mechanical technology, the sewage treatment capacity of belt filter press has become more and more intensive. At the same time, we have designed a complete set of deep sludge dewatering process for this model to assist the sludge dewatering of integrated belt filter press.

2. Updated solid-liquid separation function: After updating the technology, the belt filter press realizes the sludge dewatering and separation technology of concentration integration by seamless combination of screw pressure and dynamic and static ring, which is a more advanced sludge dewatering mode.

3. Low energy consumption and less water consumption: after technical updating, the continuous staggered kinetic energy of the dynamic and static rings in the work can make the filter cartridge achieve the effect of self-cleaning, which achieves the effect of non-clogging in the process of filter pressing. Compared with the previous belt filter press, in the process of working, filter cloth should be cleaned continuously. This kind of technology update has greatly improved the degree of water saving. It also reduces the wear and tear of the machine when the spiral shaft runs at low speed, and makes its life longer.

4. Low noise, environmental protection: because the belt filter press is in a sealed state when it is running, but the condition inside the cylinder can be observed from the outside. The shell of the machine is easy to disassemble, and there will be no sewage leakage during the working process. So it won't cause re-pollution. The noise generated during operation is very low and meets the requirements of environmental protection.



Principle of vacuum belt filter press:

Vacuum belt filter press is a relatively new type of highly automated filter press. Its main working principle is to lay the raw materials horizontally on the filter cloth and screen through the filter cloth and filter screen of the press, and then to achieve solid and vacuum suction of the vacuum belt filter press through the gravity of the raw material paste and vacuum suction of the vacuum belt filter press. Separation of liquids. 

Advantages of vacuum belt filter press:

1, is a high degree of automation of the filter press, from feed to press filter and then wash the raw materials to the raw material descaling, finally the press cloth clean all can be continuous, automatic operation;

2. Vacuum belt filter press, a kind of machine with high degree of automation, has greatly saved the operating cost in the application of enterprises, enabling workers to operate the machine in a very safe environment and also reducing labor intensity;

3. The vacuum belt filter press has high filtration efficiency and faster speed. When the raw materials pass through the precipitation area, the bottom layer is large particle material and the upper layer is small particle material.

4, can be adjusted at will the vacuum belt type press filter cloth and filter cake thickness, the need for several classes of counter-current washing, how much wash water, these are arbitrary adjustment;

5. Vacuum belt filter press has the function of washing, and the washing effect is very ideal, which can achieve the reverse flow washing and multistage horizontal flow washing, so as to wash the materials more thoroughly and evenly. If the liquid after washing and the liquid filtered from the raw materials need to be reused, they can be collected separately.

Vacuum belt filter press is suitable for: food industry, rubber industry, building materials industry, smelting industry, heat and electricity industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, paper industry and other fields.


Yuzhou Blue Source Machinery is a professional manufacturer of belt filter press. Besides the belt filter press series, there are other types of filter press, such as high-pressure diaphragm filter press, plate and frame filter press, chamber filter press and so on, and the production of filter accessories.


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