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Diaphragm filter press

Scope of application:Coal washing industry, paper industry, brewing industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, etc. Product characteristics:Time-saving, labor-saving, high corrosion resistance, firm and durable

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Product Advantage

 Brief introduction of diaphragm filter press:

Diaphragm filter press - also known as "diaphragm filter press", of course, there are more detailed classification, such as: high-pressure diaphragm filter press, high-pressure diaphragm plate filter press, diaphragm press filter, these filter press and diaphragm press filter parameters are the same, but in the material is slightly different.

Generally speaking, they are filtered under high pressure. The so-called "high-pressure diaphragm filter press", in fact, is to install a layer of elastic diaphragm between the filter plate of the press and the filter cloth of the press. Then in the process of production and application, its working flow is as follows: first of all, in the machine work, the diaphragm filter press should be fed; when the feeding is finished, the machine will introduce the fluid or vapor substance produced by the pressure into the diaphragm plate; at this time, the whole diaphragm in the working state will bulge and press the filter cake; By pressing the filter cake through the diaphragm, the deep dedrying of the filter cake can be achieved, which is what we usually call squeezing filtration.

   Diaphragm filter press advantages:

Diaphragm filter press not only has high pressure in the process of product pressing, but also has better corrosion resistance. It can reduce the number of machine maintenance, save time, labor, safety factor is also relatively high and other advantages. Of course, it is also the preferred choice for customers of mechanical manufacturing industries, such as iron and steel industry, coal washing industry, paper industry, ironmaking, pharmaceutical industry, food enterprises, brewing industry, chemical industry and so on. Diaphragm filter press has been widely used in all walks of life of solid-liquid separation equipment. It is also the replacement and upgrading of industrial equipment by ordinary van filter press. The diaphragm filter press can give full play to its own product characteristics, reduce the moisture content of filter cake, and achieve good filtering effect in resolving the adaptability of raw material properties. Diaphragm filter press is used to treat sludge and wastewater. The water content of filter cake has already reached below 60%. Compared with the traditional box filter press, the solid content of filter cake can be increased by more than two times, the cost of filter cake logistics can be greatly reduced, and the filter cake can be ignited immediately in power plant, which will truly change the sludge into resources and the wastewater into mountain springs. Chamber filter press.

  Diaphragm press filter:

Its filter plate is the patented "reinforced polypropylene" and "diaphragm TPE elastic filter plate" of Yuzhou Blue Source Machinery, so it will produce more high pressure, diaphragm and polypropylene core plate together, more firm and durable.

The main reason for this design is that it can make the worker easy to operate, safer and save time. As long as the switch on the control panel can achieve continuous work, and there are many other safety settings. Ensure the normal use of operators and diaphragm press filter.

  High pressure diaphragm flip filter press:

High-pressure diaphragm flip filter press and diaphragm press filter are the same type, which can not be distinguished from the appearance, but the material used for the filter plate is slightly different. The pressure of the high pressure diaphragm filter press is higher than that of the diaphragm filter press, and the moisture content of the filter cake filtered is lower.

  High pressure diaphragm filter press parameters:

Previously, we mentioned that the parameters used by the diaphragm press and the high-pressure diaphragm press, the high-pressure diaphragm flip-flop press and the diaphragm press are the same, but there are some differences in the material.

[because the diaphragm filter press and the high-pressure diaphragm press, diaphragm press press, high-pressure diaphragm plate press use the same set of parameters, the material is slightly different, please specify the model you need to consult yo]

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