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Application of closed filter press on nanometer aluminum hydride in dongying, shandong

In fact, the most important feature of the closed filter press is that it can prevent leakage and gas volatilization in the process of pressure filtration. It is mostly used in some chemical industry with strict requirements, such as today´s dongying nanometer aluminum hydride production site in shandong province.

Automatic chamber press filter as a special coal washing press into Inner Mongolia

Full automatic chamber press filter as the representative of the special press filter washing coal, in Inner Mongolia ordos coal preparation plant called "merit" is not too much.

1500 type chamber filter press guangxi mineral processing site!

At a mine in yulin, guangxi province, our 1500 box filter press is in full swing.

Direct to the operation site of shanxi luliang automatic coal washing filter press

Shanxi more coal mines, coal washing press filter nature can not be less.Lv liang a coal mine spread the spot to use a graph, we together onlooker!

Chongqing municipal customized a sewage treatment filter press (liquid receiving plate diaphragm fil

A customized diaphragm filter press (also known as "sewage treatment filter press") has been completed by chongqing municipal government. The diaphragm filter press with the plate is designed to collect filtrate and prevent leakage or secondary pollution.

Chemical industry special closed press filter loaded to shandong!

Shandong heze chemical industry customer custom a Mosaic filter press (can also become "closed filter press"), blue source machinery arrangement loading and delivery.
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