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Screw pump

Scope of application: Product characteristics:Fewer parts, compact structure, small size, easy maintenance, easy assembly and disassembly.

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Product Advantage

   Screw Pump Introduction:

Screw pump, also known as "sanitary screw pump", is a new type of pump which works according to the principle of rotary teeth combined with volume. Its main components are eccentric screw (rotor) and fixed bushing (stator). Because of the special geometry of the two components, separate sealing chambers are formed, and the medium flows uniformly from the axial direction. The internal flow velocity is low, the volume remains unchanged, and the pressure is stable, so there is no eddy current and agitation.

Because the stator is made of a variety of elastic materials, this kind of pump is incompetent for conveying high viscous fluids, hard suspended particles or fibre media. The flow rate is proportional to the rotational speed. The transmission can be driven directly by coupling or by speed regulating motor, triangle belt, gearbox and other devices.

Screw pump advantages:

1. Compact structure, small volume and convenient maintenance;

2. Rotor and stator are vulnerable items. Because of the simple structure of screw pump, the disassembly and assembly of these two items are more convenient.

3. The types and viscosities of transporting liquids are wide.

4. Because the inertia force of the rotating parts in the pump is low, a high rotating speed can be used.

5. It has good inhalation performance and self-priming ability.

6. It can rotate continuously with low vibration and noise.

7. The structure is compact and easy to install and maintain.

Screw pump parameters:

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