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Cotton cake filter press

Scope of application:Food Manufacturing Industry Product characteristics:Wide filtering area, excellent structure, convenient maintenance and simple operation

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Product Advantage

   Cotton cake filter press:

The range of application of cotton cake filter press is different from that of other large-scale filter press. The main use of cotton cake filter press is in some food manufacturing industries, especially in industries with high requirements for the accuracy of filtered liquid.

Product characteristics of cotton cake filter press:

In fact, the cotton cake filter press should be a kind of plate and frame filter press, which can filter widely. From the appearance, it can be seen that the design of the cotton cake filter press adopts circular structure style, which has more advantages than the square style of the plate and frame filter press in function. In material, reinforced polypropylene and aluminium alloy are used. The filter medium is a kind of regenerated fiber, which can remove some trace impurities, suspended solids and grease in the liquid when filtering the liquid raw materials, and make the liquid raw materials more clear and transparent after pressure filtration. The number of plate and frame filters can also be increased or decreased according to the filtration requirements of liquid raw materials.

Cotton cake filter press advantages:

1. Simple operation, easy maintenance and maintenance;

2. Because of the circular structure of the filter plate and frame of the machine, it is better than the square plate and frame of other machines.

3. On the filter surface, it is also relatively large, so the output is relatively high.

4. The number of plates and frames can be increased or decreased according to the requirements of raw material pressure filtration.

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