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Direct to the operation site of shanxi luliang automatic coal washing filter press

Release Time: 2019-09-10 17:54:31    Visited: 2051 times

Shanxi more coal mines, coal washing press filter nature can not be less.Lv liang a coal mine spread the spot to use a graph, we together onlooker!

(scene of automatic coal washing press filter in shanxi lvliang coal mine)

In coal mine, to treat sewage sludge, a coal washing press filter is essential.Shanxi lvliang coal mine above the use of blue source machinery production of automatic coal washing pressure filter, such automatic pressure coal washing pressure filter in use, more intelligent, save labor costs and time, and the filter effect is very good.

The high efficiency automatic coal washing press filter is also belongs to the intermittent pressure filter equipment, the pressure filter can be very good to achieve the filtering effect, the pressure filter out of the filter cake solid content is high, low water content.Because it is a fully automatic coal washing press filter, it has played a great advantage in the large production capacity of shanxi luliang coal mine.At the same time, it can also be used to filter under high pressure.It also covers a relatively small area, as shown above in the scene of the lvliang coal mine in Shanxi Province.

This kind of automatic coal washing press filter is a collection of electricity, liquid, machine integrated manufacturing design, so it can be achieved in the filtration process of automatic compression - filtration - flow - press - loosen - pull plate and a series of pressure filter work.

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