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Automatic chamber press filter as a special coal washing press into Inner Mongolia

Release Time: 2019-09-17 16:34:37    Visited: 1762 times

As a representative of special press for washing coal, it is not too much to call it "merit" in coal preparation plant.

Coal preparation plant is bigger and bigger, coal mining technology is more and more advanced.But the quality of coal is increasingly poor, produced coal, mud content is also increasing, such trouble is not only a coal preparation plant in Inner Mongolia.Faced with such a situation, Inner Mongolia ordos coal preparation plant chose the automatic box filter press as their special coal washing press.

Full automatic operation, not only to ensure safety, but also save labor, high filtration output, but also higher efficiency, filtered filter cake moisture content is very low.Such special coal washing press filter more in the original slime dehydration, as well as the tail coal, clean coal filtration use.

(the above is the working site of the special press filter for coal washing in Inner Mongolia)

The main purpose of this special press filter for washing coal bought by Inner Mongolia coal preparation plant is to realize the closed-circuit operation of coal and mud recycling and washing water circulation without delivery in its own coal preparation plant.

Inner Mongolia coal preparation plant chose this special pressure filter for washing coal, because they have calculated the daily coal washing output in the coal washing plant, and the coal washing pressure filter in a single batch of coal washing work time, so as to calculate the coal washing special pressure filter in a single coal washing amount.Calculate the need to buy coal washing press filter area, the amount of feed, and the concentration of feed and particle size.According to the coal washing special filter press per square meter can handle the amount, choose the size of the filter press square meters.

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