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Jack filter press

Scope of application:Solid-liquid separation of various suspensions Product characteristics:No power supply, simple operation, economical and practical

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Product Advantage

Jack filter press:

Jack filter press is a kind of small filter press. Its filter area is 1 ~ 40 m. It is also divided into plate frame and box type.

The filter chamber is composed of a filter plate and a filter frame. It is an indirect liquid-solid separation and filtration equipment.

Its working principle is: put the raw materials into the feed pump, under the strong pressure of the feed pump, input these raw materials into the filter chamber, and then through the filter cloth of the press to achieve solid-liquid separation.

Features of Jack filter press:

1. The operation is simple and convenient, and it can work without power on.

2. From the design point of view, this small filter press is constructed with a screw jack as a clamping machine.

3. It's very economical and practical. It's closer to the people in terms of price.

Applicable scope of Jack press:

It is suitable for chemical industry, metallurgical industry, pharmaceutical industry, crude oil and other mixed liquids to carry out liquid liquid separation industry as far as possible.

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