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Sludge filter press

Scope of application:Environmental protection engineering, sludge treatment industry, aquaculture industry, paper industry, food production and processing industry, etc. Product characteristics:High productivity, low noise, simple structure and easy maintenance

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Product Advantage

   Overview of sludge filter press:

Sludge filter press, as its name implies, is to press the sludge out and remove the residual water from the sludge by gravity. And the principle of sludge filter press is: through mechanical gravity to achieve filtering effect. Most of the models will be used in industrial sludge dewatering.

Brief description of the working process of sludge filter press:

1. The untreated sludge is fed into the agitator and treated slightly.

2. When the sludge flows into the sludge filter press, the machine will lay the sludge horizontally on the dewatering area and dredge the sludge bilaterally by mechanical gravity and rake. As the filter belt of the sludge filter press moves, the water in the sludge will be quickly separated.

3. The filtration process is not only one time. Under the action of gravity, two layers of filter cloth are pressed back and forth to maximize the removal of residual water in sludge.

4. Sludge is pressed into mud cake, and finally scraped off by scraper, and then the sludge is transported out by conveyor.

The advantages of sludge filter press are as follows:

1. In the process of operation, the noise produced by the machine is very low.

2. In the work, the energy consumption is relatively low, so the machine life is longer.

3. Dehydration speed is fast in work, and mud cake with high solid content can be removed.

4. The structure is simple and the maintenance is very convenient and simple.

5. Automatic control can be used in continuous operation.

6. The filter of the sludge filter press has the function of automatic correction and tension, so there is no need to worry about the problem of the filter belt deviation damage during operation;

7. The interlocking protection device on the electronic control system can ensure the safety of the sludge filter press in operation.

Fieldwork diagram of sludge filter press:

(Figure above shows the effect of filtrate filtered by a sludge filter press)

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