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Sand washing filter press

Scope of application:Sand washing industry, mining industry, etc. Product characteristics:The advantages of fast processing speed, large processing capacity and low moisture content of filter cake are discussed.

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Product Advantage

   Sand washer and filter press:

In fact, sand washing press filter can also be called "sand washing sludge dewatering machine", in fact, in the process of sand washing production, there will also be some pollution problems. For example, waste water from sand washing, where there is sludge from flushing sandstone and silica rock. For the treatment of these wastewater, the wastewater should be reused after the treatment meets the requirements of environmental protection. At this time, we should use the "Sand Washing Sludge Dewatering Machine". The main function of sand washing filter press is to separate mud and water, which is what we usually call "solid-liquid separation". Thus, the sewage from sand washing is purified, sludge is formed into mud cake, and the filtered water can be recycled.

The working principle of sand washing filter press is as follows:

In fact, the working principle of sand washing filter press is relatively simple, there are the following points:

1. First of all, gravity dewatering and mechanical dewatering of sand washing filter press should be pre-treated.

2. The mud cake washed with sand is discharged after pressure filtration pretreatment.

3. In the process of pressure filtration, the mud on the belt will dehydrate rapidly in the two areas after dewatering by roller and gravity.

4. The advantage of rapid dehydration is that it can reduce contact and ensure the combination of shear and pressure of contact angle.

The real function of sand washing and pressure filter is to make sludge into sludge cake and clean water, so as to meet the requirements of environmental protection. Recycling is the process of washing sand with filtered water.

The advantages of sand washing filter press are as follows:

1. The occupying area is small.

2. It has stable function and is very suitable for sand washing, pressure filtration and sludge filtration in daily life.

3. High dehydration efficiency.

In fact, the "sand washing filter press" introduced in this paper is also the "belt filter press" which is usually selected by customers in the sand washing industry. Its functions and advantages are more suitable for the sand washing industry.

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