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chamber pressure filter

Scope of application:Suitable for all industries requiring solid-liquid separation Product characteristics:Low feed loss, fast filtering speed, high temperature and pressure resistance, good sealing performance

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Product Advantage

Introduction of van filter press:

Chamber filter press, also known as "box filter press", uses the pressure difference between the two sides of the filter cloth of the press filter to pass most of the moisture in the raw material through the filter medium (filter cloth) and discharges it out of the box filter press. The raw material is isolated in the filter chamber and the liquid flows out of the filter press. This principle is used to realize the pressure filter. The effect. Because there is a big pressure difference on both sides of filter cloth in the whole process of raw material pressure filtration, because the pressure difference increases the speed of over-consideration and reduces the moisture content of filter cake, and the special filter cloth for filter press produced independently by Yuzhou Blue Source Machinery is selected, and this filter cloth can make the filtered liquid clearer, and the effect of pressure filtration is better than that of pressure filtration. The old vacuum filter press was better.



The working principle of van filter press is as follows:

Chamber filter press - that is, according to the strong extrusion action of the filter plate of the filter press, the water in the mud passes through the filter cloth of the filter press and then discharges, so as to achieve the purpose of mud dewatering. The principle of this kind of work can also be called mud dewatering. According to the square area of the box filter press, the number of filter plates of the press is tightly arranged in a row under the effect of strong mechanical force, and then a compact filter chamber is formed between the filter plates of each press filter. Raw materials are fed into the filter chamber under strong pressure. The raw material entering the filter chamber and the liquid flowing out through the filter cloth. The solid part of the raw material is blocked by the filter cloth, and the filter cake is formed by the extrusion of the filter plate, which truly achieves the effect of separating the liquid and solid of the raw material.



Advantages of van filter press:

Compared with other filter presses, van filter presses have the following advantages:

1. The versatility of raw materials is very strong, and it can be applied to the pressure filtration of sludge in many small and medium-sized enterprises.

2. Compared with other sludge dewaterers, van filter press can filter out filter cake with high solid rate, and the size of the model is relatively small, so it is convenient to carry back and forth.

3. The overall composition of the box filter press is relatively simple, so in the working process, it will be more convenient to operate, and the performance is relatively stable, and later maintenance is relatively easy.


Technical parameters of van filter press:

Below is the model of van filter press and the corresponding technical parameters for reference only.



Yuzhou Blue Source Machinery is a box filter press manufacturer. The box filter press produced by Yuzhou Blue Source Machinery is more used in mining industry, professional coal washing, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry. Because of its versatility and convenient transportation, customers in remote areas are also scrambling to order.


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