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Press filter cloth

Scope of application: Product characteristics:Material type complete, durable

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Product Advantage

   Press filter cloth:

Speaking of filter cloth press, we all know that all with "cloth", it means that there are different materials, filter cloth press is no exception.

Classification of filter cloth for filter press:

Polyester filter cloth, nylon filter cloth, vinylon filter cloth, and polypropylene filter cloth, of which nylon and vinylon are the most commonly used filter cloth on the frame press.

Because the filter press needs different products to filter, so the requirements for filter cloth are also different, so the selection of filter cloth depends on the type of filter press and the material needed to filter.

Characteristic of filter cloth of filter press:

In order to use filter press to filter products to an ideal degree, filter cloth is the most important, because the fluency and integrity of filter cloth directly affect the effect of solid-liquid separation.

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