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Filter plate of filter press

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   Press filter plate introduction:

Press filter plate can be roughly divided into four types: 1. Chamber press filter plate; 2. Diaphragm press filter plate; 3. Plate frame press filter plate; 4. Embedded press filter plate.

The filter plate of box filter press is made of alkali-free glass fiber polypropylene. The filter plate made of this material has not only steel, toughness, but also certain elasticity.

Diaphragm Press Filter Plate: A special raw material for TPE filter plate produced in Denmark is used. It is formed by multi-point injection moulding machine before it becomes the diaphragm of Diaphragm Press Filter Plate.

Embedded Press Filter Plate: It can also be used as "Closed Press Filter Plate" which is a relatively new type of filter plate on the market at present. It is formed by one-time moulding of high strength polypropylene. This kind of filter board is carved by a carving machine around the fish tail groove, there are two such grooves, the outermost groove is equipped with a sealing strip, it has become a "closed filter press plate", more suitable for strong acid and strong alkali corrosive, volatile industries.

Plate-frame filter press plate: It is composed of plates and frames. In the middle of each group of plates and frames, there are filter cloth. The filter plate and filter frame are arranged in parallel. The filter plate and filter frame are compressed by the pressing end to form a filter chamber between the filter plate and the filter plate. This has the advantages of simple operation, high solid content of filter cake and strong versatility.

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