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Circular filter

Scope of application:Ceramic Mud Filtration, Marble Cutting Fluid Filtration, etc. Product characteristics:Light weight, good sealing performance, strong pressure resistance

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Product Advantage

   Circular filter:

The structure of circular filter (also called circular filter press) is made of high polymer material. The circular filter made of this material is lighter in weight and has a circular filter plate shape, which makes the sealing performance of the machine better and the pressure intensity higher.

Cautions for use of circular filter:

1. Employees without training should not operate machines without authorization.

2. When making pressure filter feeds, the feeding pressure should not exceed the normal bearing capacity.

3. The hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic station must be filled when it is used again.

4. When overhauling machines, we must turn off the total power supply.

5. In the new cycle of pressure filtration, it is necessary to clean up the cake residue on the previously sealed filter plate before it can be used.

6. After the machine starts to work and is powered on, it must not open the electronic control box, let alone the junction box.

7. Please remember to replace the damaged parts in time.

8. In the operation of the machine, the filter cloth of the filter press can not be cleaned or rectified by hand.

Scope of application of circular filter:

1. Pure clay (kaolin);

2. New liquid ceramics (ceramic mud);

3. Marble cutting fluid, etc.

4. Round filter can be used for other raw materials with high viscosity, fine and difficult filtration.

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