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Cast iron filter press

Scope of application:Petrochemical Industry, Ceramic Technology, Mechanical Oil Dehydration and Other High Strength Filtration Industries Product characteristics:High temperature resistance, fast filtration, low moisture filter cake, long service life

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Product Advantage

   Cast iron filter press construction:

Cast iron filter press is made of high quality pig iron or nodular iron precision castings. The iron filter press can make the cast iron filter press reach extremely high temperature resistance. Because of the high strength of the cast iron filter plate, it can withstand the strong pressure of the filter press. Moreover, the cast iron filter press can pour material quickly while working, and the moisture content of the filter cake will be relatively low, so it can make the filter press work for a long time. Use. Cast iron filter press uses the pressure difference on both sides of the filter cloth to drive most of the moisture filter mesh in raw materials to be discharged, while raw materials are isolated in the filter room and become filter cakes to complete the purpose of over-consideration. Because there is a large pressure difference on both sides of filter cloth in the whole process of over-consideration, the rate of over-consideration is increased, the moisture content of filter cake is reduced, and a special filter cloth is selected to make the filtered raw liquid become pure. The expected target of over-consideration is much better than that of vacuum filter.

Even when pressing and filtering more complex raw materials, cast iron filter press can still meet the requirements of filtering effect. Cast iron filter press is better for anti-corrosion treatment. Its structure is simple, operation process is time-saving and labor-saving, and the price of cast iron filter press is much lower than other filters. Therefore, it is your first choice to select this filter press produced by Blue Source Mechanical Cast Iron Press Filter Manufacturer as the solid-liquid separation equipment.

The advantages of cast iron filter press are as follows:

1. The filter plate of the filter press has high compressive strength and high overpressure resistance.

2. Heat-resistance, quick over-consideration, low moisture content of filter cake, quick pouring, long service life, etc.

Scope of application of cast iron filter press:

1. Ceramic technology with high viscosity, high temperature and low prescribed water content can be used.

2. Petrochemical industry;

3. Oil and grease, mechanical lubrication, decolorization and filtration, etc.

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